While Listening To Afrika Mkhize


The songs are composed so that we are composed

the exuberance in the distilled

freed music

epitomizes the once and future celebrations

a time when freedom of Soulfull expression

is fully attained

the songs are composed so that we are composed

2. THULA Mntwana Reprise

but are we hearing the music

through this din

the revelry of our amnesiac kin

did we ever hear

and did we ever feel it?

and if we did, So What?

the sorcerers have come and their medicine undiluted

was too strong for us

the children of forgetting and wanton jubilation

our wretched souls have lingered so long in this anti-black world

now all we’ve got is Art

We the builders of the oldest civilizations

we have slipped of the radar

to only feature as glyphs

shapes of the Mother Country

shades of blue, black and indiscriminate white

we the poets the griots the scribes of tomorrow