Reflections on a memory

This is a reflection and a review of a set of events that transpired recently in and around Durban. I cannot speak for the ones I missed, but the two that I attended were poorly attended, even though both the subject matter and the presentation was of deep significance to Cultural progress.

I shall write as an observer with no pretensions of any scholarship or expert knowledge. The first thing to note is the radical nature of the Artist/Presenters audacity to remind a lost people of their living treasures. The knowledge, music and cultural deep thought that Thokozani Mhlambi was presenting to us has become rare although many of its motifs are all around us at any given time….the challenge is that as a people, Afrikan/Bantu people, we are rather distracted and many are quite apathetic to the systemic or structural erasure of our collective wisdom embedded in our music.


Zulu Song Circle