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About Us
Each One Teach One

Meaning of Freedom

Green Ankh Works is a Multi-Media company that services Creative People, Businesses and the Cultural Economy.

To facilitate economic, financial and meaningful inclusion of creative people in progressive work.

We are inspired by the values and natural progression of the Green-Economy.


To be the most ethical, greenest and most innovative business servicing the local creative industry.

By providing professional work, services, products and events that meet and surpass global standards of excellence.

Mission Statement

  • To provide meaningful and professional services to our clients
  • Artist Representation
  • To adhere to innovative environmentally sustainable business practices
  • To revolutionize perceptions about African time, best practice and aesthetics
  • To show commitment to clients’ needs and visions
  • To inspire and exchange skills with our clients and partners
  • To promote pan-African collaboration
  • To create memorable experiences for all our partners and clients

Main Objectives of Business

  • To add value to each client’s business or individual needs
  • To find meaningful employment for people in the creative economy
  • To inspire professional development and skills sharing among entrepreneurs
  • To facilitate positive growth among creative people and local businesses
  • To be consistently creative and successful in all our encounters with clients
  • To explore and promote hidden talents and improve African presentations

Green Ankh Values and Ethical Codes

The Green Ankh name is based on the Ancient Khemetic/Egyptian symbolism of the Ankh (Eternal Life). This symbol epitomizes the essentially African philosophy of Ubuntu, which promotes justice and right-living through collaboration and shared spaces.

The Green Ankh is a metaphor for Regeneration, Redemption and Responsible lifestyles. This is what the business aims to promote with each event, each service, project and each interactive engagement.

While we acknowledge that the objective of a commercial enterprise is to create wealth, we are assured that perfect Wealth can only be sustained by Perfect Enviromental Health

What Is Green Ankh Works all about