Editing and Co-Writing:The Rise of Shembe Umqali Wendlela

Green Ankh Works in collaboration with Mvuzo Arts and Performance Projects is working on a Theater production called The Rise of Shembe Umqali Wendlela.

This Multi-media; Poetical, Dramatic, Musical experience is centered around the Life and interesting Times of Isaiah Shembe, one of the most enigmatic and unique figures to emerge out of South Africa’s early 20th century.

His story is unlike any of the preachers who came from the African Independent Churches that were inspired by Black Theology and its anti-colonial tones. He really initiated a unique religious idiom complete with extra-ordinary hymns that mixed Zulu and Ancient Israelite themes and techniques.

Green Ankh Works is proud to be part of the team that is creating this historic work, which will be staged at the Durban Playhouse Opera Theater in October.