Inspirational and Collaborative Works

hidden figures

moonlit dreams realised

our stories unbound

prejudices evidence unfound

the world is big and round

homing in the heart so even the 

lonely hunter has a place

called to be …” – Menzi Maseko poem (05/02/2017)

Southern Afrika today is at a great cross-roads, an opportune time where we could really disintegrate into chaotic malaise, civil war or else choose to heed the ancestral call for renewal. The trans-formative power of the Art being created today, whether it is music, visual or performative sectors, is truly astounding. But is there evidence of greater audience development or interactivity despite the efforts by organizers? I cannot tell from where I am now. Looking at the Durban situation, I can say that the social relations need a lot of work. The arts being produced may be excellent but are is there enough or adequate appreciation, I think we are not yet at a sufficient or positive level. Unfortunately we cannot say the same about our socio-political conditions. There is a literary a war against the youth of this country, a war waged by the loved supposed ones.

Judging from the scourge of violence against the most vulnerable sections of our society, Women, Children and the Elderly, we are in a precarious situation that requires some radical interventions.

While the conscious and deliberately transformative Artists, such as Nduduzo Makhathini, Afrika Mkhize, Andile Yenana, Simphiwe Dana, Nomvula Maneli, Koleka Putuma and many others continue to ignite us with positive and truthful affirmations, we need all sections of society and Social Activists to do whatever they can to address the situation because it is clear that there needs to be multidimensional and consistent  efforts to challenge the status quo and really find a harmonious balance between our Spiritual and Economic progress as a people to whom much opportunity and guidance has been given.

As one of the songs I have heard somewhere before goes “We can be, we can be more than ever people, more than ever people.”